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As it settles on my skin, the woody scent remains and is joined by a soapy vanilla -- a very behind the scenes sweetness. Nude asian girl selfies. This is very very beautiful. Then comes the musk with a tinge of coconut at the end. She looks like a downs velma. El wood nude. It's a nice feminine, not too racy, nor goody two shoes either.

All in all this is a very pleasant and light scent with a sweet touch and some woody not harsh notes, which I suspect are given more by coconut rather than sandalwood.

Nude is being comfortable in your own skin. The coconut is nice enough and it's an inoffensive smell, but it just disappears fast. Love the way this smells on clothing, but not as much on my skin. I get about 4 solid hours on skin. Amateur milf strapon. It is a great smell, and reminds me of a warm afternoon on a beach somewhere, but I like my perfumes with at least a little more oomph than this.

I like that the coconut smells mild and realistic and that it isn't paired with any cloying exotic florals or heaps of citrus - Sensuous Nude is modern and mature.

If you like warm, seductive, romantic perfumes this is for you. Still I'll enjoy this as a day scent this summer. Over time, I have learned that woods really are not a note I like, but the coconut keeps it from veering into harshness. Just beautiful for Spring and early Summer months. Sort of almond playdough on my skin. Give it a shot. Sensuous Nude is a lovely sweet skin scent without being cloying, and I love how the coconut gives a slight touch of "being on the beach" without going into straightforward tropical category.

I don't think it is similar to the original Sensuous, it's more about creamy coconut and that tropical, easy-going feeling. The jasmine,amber and honey give it a sexy warm vibe. The issue that I have with Sensuous Nude is the scent doesn't quite match up with its namesake- not to mention the whole color scheme of the box and bottle.

The dry-down is more "oily" than dry on me, as I prefer, and a bit musky. It is youthful, fun, upbeat - and a bit earthy.

I was looking for a "beach scent", partner said it smelled like suntan lotion on my skin - mission accomplished! One note leads into the next, they mingle, they compliment one another, they flirt and dance and create a fragrance that really is aptly named. I didn't like the original, so I didn't think I'd like this one. College sex naked. I was actually looking for the eau de parfum but got edt instead. I get no spiciness at all in this fragrance.

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I'm really glad I picked this one up and didn't sit around and debate it with myself. I'm not smelling the similarities between those two scents, but I do notice it smells like traditional perfume mixed with coconut upon first sniff and then mellowed out into Victoria's Secret Heavenly on my skin.

Like in the movie 'The wedding crashers' you can only smile at the coconut. Kim hartman nude. Her body is super hot but her face is not great. El wood nude. This is powder and sandalwood all the way, and such a warm, cosy and cuddly smell - it's like the smell of a hug.

Such a perfect scent for lazy summer days. I often associate perfumes with specific colors in my mind's eye, and to me this is a rather lovely, understated taupe. She can't go wrong for me. Her ass is okay, but her asshole is disgustingly hairy. The flowers come and go. On me it's a soft and warm coconut scent, almost like skin but better - yup, definately good for Summer. Emma sinclaire lesbian. The combination of coconut, vanilla and sandalwood smells lovely, and very natural. I am in love with this fragrance, and have bought several bottles up.

Beautifully blended perfume and another EL winner for me. It developed into a lovely sweet-creamy musky flower, reminding me a lot of Kenzo Amour. Looks like she's a paper bag instead of from behind. Its a very perfumey, synthetic coconut that tries too hard. It goes incredibly well with my body chemistry, and I have yet to smell this on anyone else. The sandalwood, coconut, musk and vanilla create a beautiful creamy mix that blends amazingly with some soapy florals.

There is a sexy beachy vibe to this. The musk gives it a little intensity. Big tits hot sexy girls. I can definitely smell the bergamot on the very top and dissipates quicklycoconut, pink pepper, honey, woods very soft and sandalwood.

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On the drydown it's an incredibly creamy sandalwood due the coconut. It isn't incredibly overpowering, as it becomes a skin scent within the first few hours. Nothing in life truly is, Sweetie. For me this perfume didn't work.

A nuance of top peppery notes add just the right amount of spiciness to this brew without overloading it. I really consider to buy it because it's persistence is decent too.

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